Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chocolate Mud Pie Dessert

I figured I'd use this blog to share random things from my life. It is always interesting to me when I go back and look at previous photos/blog entries. Since I have my loveformakeup blog dedicated to beauty/health/fashion related topics and my purllin blog dedicated to my knitting work, I am going to post every other random thing on this blog.

I love taking pictures of food--especially if it is a aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I have taken a lot of pictures of the good eats I've tried here and there and thought I'd share a photo once in a while... just to make your mouth water a bit.

Tell me this doesn't look delicious!

I ordered this at a restaurant in Miami (vacation May 2010) called "Rice". This dessert was so delicious we went back everyday just to order it! mMmm. I believe it was called The Chocolate Mud Pie or something along those lines. It definitely looks and tastes faaar better than it's name!
I'll start sharing more food photos. Tell me what you think!
Yay or nay for food picture posts?